[Bonwicke] (no subject)

Laurie muirghein at plaiddragon.net
Sat Jul 3 16:49:07 PDT 2004

> Greetings,
> I need all of the Western Regional A&S officers to E-mail me or call me
> a summary of what your group has been doing. I need this by the fifth of
> July. My phone # is 806-356-6837.
> Thanks a bunch
> In Service
> Lady Adelaide

Hi, me again.  :)  I guess in summary, we've begun holding monthly meetings.
Some are just gatherings to talk, sew, craft or whatever, but a few have
involved classes.  We even had a bookmaking class for the kids one time.
The meetings have been very well attended for the most part and we always
have fun.  I haven't been in charge long enough to have been at one of our
events, so I don't have any recent competition news, but I believe we have
something in the fall that I will be working on.  I officially took over the
office in February.


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