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Greetings to my Cousins in the West!

As per the request below, I greet you. I am the Honorable Lady Annes
Clotilde von Bamburg, retired Argent Museum Director and newly appointed
Kingdom Historian. I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Sir Britta and
Baron Kainin at the Argent Anniversary as they set out the Western Regional
display. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your artifacts and treasures
and am so glad that you could participate.

Baron Kainin has come home with a treasure of the West which has long been
absent from your castles. When I was given the Kingdom artifacts, I found a
rolled scroll. It was huge, about the size of a mundane poster and its date
was AS XXIV. It was a pledge by the "shires of the western region" to make
secure the borders of Ansteorra and is signed by many of those who were
instrumental in establishing the western region so long ago.

I took the liberty of protecting it in a frame and upon discussion with
Baron Kainin, this treasure has returned home in his care and keeping. We
both figured that it would be better to display in the region to remind you
of your history and to then bring it to a Kingdom anniversary to share with
the rest of the kingdom then to only be seen once every 5 years (if then) as
has been its fate so far. I am thrilled that this important piece of history
has been restored to you. Keep it well for it is my history, too.

I shall be lurking a lot but will pop in with the occasional comment or
information. I feel like I learned a lot about you from the display. Now I
hope to learn even more. Until then, I remain...
In Service,
Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen
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