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Elizabeth Blackthorne damsle_n_distress2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 21:11:55 PDT 2004

Greetings unto the Western Region,
As many of you already know I was made the Western Regional Waterbearer at 25th Year.  At our up coming Crescent Wrench I will be teaching a Waterbearing 101 class.  I will be authorizing participants for non combat at this class.  Kingdom states that anyone can waterbear but only those non combat authorized may go on the field, but the Waterbearer in Charge at any event must be authorized.  For the most part at our local events there is no need for the waterbearer's to go onto the field but we have Gothic War fast approaching, and there we will have a need for authorized waterbearers.  If you think that you may be wanting to waterbear at Gothic or plan to be the Waterbearer in Charge at an upcoming event, please take this class.  It will save all of us a lot of headaches later.  If you need this class and are unable to attend CW please contact me and I will make arrangements with you to get your authorization.  Also, seeing as how this is a new office for our region, I would like to
 know what you as the populace expect from this office and any needs your group may have that this office can help fill.  You may email me privately or contact me by phone at 432-263-0246.
In Service, 
Lady Elizabeth Blackthorne
Western Regional Waterbearer

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