[Bonwicke] cresent wrench

Dirk the Dead dirkthedead at cox.net
Tue Jul 20 00:18:49 PDT 2004

I will be there this weekend.  If I have to sit up there by myself, I will
make it anyways.  Actually that would be kinda cool.  I could make all sorts
of big changes throughout the region and just claim that that is what was
decided at the Crescent Wrench.  Hmm.. who wants to be landed nobility, I
think I'll vote that Trelac should be a barony.  Get us a couple more of
those shiny hats it seems is all the craze down here.

Okay, in all seriousness, I will be there and hope to see as many other
Western Regioners as possible.

Until Saturday,

Dieterich von Trier

BTW, would someone please resend the directions and all the info needed for
the weekend.  I seem to have misplaced mine, and that way no one can use the
excuse that they didn't know what time or place.  Thank you again.

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