[Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench

estarkey estarkey at camalott.com
Sun Jul 25 20:12:14 PDT 2004

This Saturday Cressant Wrench II was held in Mendersham. There was not many
there. 9 from Mendersham, 3 from Trelac, 2 from Crossrode Keep, 1 from
Bonwicke. This does not look to good from my point of view. There were 5
regional officers present:
Sir Britta = Regional Knight Marshal
Lord Angus = Regional Rapier Marshal
Lord Yves de Byron = Regional Chronicler and Thrown Weapons Marshal
Lady Elizabeth = Regional Waterbearer
HL Ryah = Regional Seneschal
Classes in gate, waterbearing, light marshaling, thrown weapons marshaling,
and others were given.
Wish to thank George for being MOC for the day with Gina as #1 helper.
Wish to thank all who came to the event.
Wish to thank George and her helpers for feast.
Wish to thank George for using her house for the revel afterwards. The use
of the couch as well.
The next Crescent Wrench is in Trelac, and will be in January. Mark your
calender. All regional, and local officers need to be in attendance for
these meetings. That way we can work out the problems on a local level, and
not higher up. Baron Gavon stepped down from region seneschal, and HL Ryah
stepped up into the job. I see where the paper work side of this game is a
pain, but in real life there is paperwork. The job isn't done until the
paperwork is done and filed with the correct people. Always keep a copy of
all paperwork for your files. If you don't have a file - get one and use it.
    Regional Chronicler - Lord Yves de Byron - Sunday 7-25-04 9PM

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