[Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench II thanks

Bridget the Stargazer bridgetthestargazer at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 26 13:39:03 PDT 2004

Thank you to All who organized this. The whole day was a great learning 
experience from the meeting to the classes to conversations in between. I 
look forward to the next one. All the work that went into this was 

Thanks again,
Bridget the Stargazer

>This Saturday Cressant Wrench II was held in Mendersham. There was not many
>there. 9 from Mendersham, 3 from Trelac, 2 from Crossrode Keep, 1 from
>Bonwicke. This does not look to good from my point of view. There were 5
>regional officers present:
>Sir Britta = Regional Knight Marshal
>Lord Angus = Regional Rapier Marshal
>Lord Yves de Byron = Regional Chronicler and Thrown Weapons Marshal
>Lady Elizabeth = Regional Waterbearer
>HL Ryah = Regional Seneschal
>Classes in gate, waterbearing, light marshaling, thrown weapons marshaling,
>and others were given.
>Wish to thank George for being MOC for the day with Gina as #1 helper.
>Wish to thank all who came to the event.
>Wish to thank George and her helpers for feast.
>Wish to thank George for using her house for the revel afterwards. The use
>of the couch as well.
>The next Crescent Wrench is in Trelac, and will be in January. Mark your
>calender. All regional, and local officers need to be in attendance for
>these meetings. That way we can work out the problems on a local level, and
>not higher up. Baron Gavon stepped down from region seneschal, and HL Ryah
>stepped up into the job. I see where the paper work side of this game is a
>pain, but in real life there is paperwork. The job isn't done until the
>paperwork is done and filed with the correct people. Always keep a copy of
>all paperwork for your files. If you don't have a file - get one and use 
>     Regional Chronicler - Lord Yves de Byron - Sunday 7-25-04 9PM

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