[Bonwicke] Crocheted Hairnet.

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Sat Jul 31 08:00:17 PDT 2004

I know there is a pattern online but I am not sure of the address. The lady 
that had it, moved. But, if you search under midievel caul patterns, you 
should find it,. Good Luck.
Honorable Lady Adelaide

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>Subject: [Bonwicke] Crocheted Hairnet. Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 11:25:04 -0500
>I sent out a plea for help on my own shire's list, but only received one 
>answer and it was a bit vague... that and I'm not real sure how to get in 
>touch with what's her name, his wife. So, I'm asking all of you fine 
>Will a circle that's the approximate circumference of my head work for a 
>pattern for a crocheted hairnet? I want my great grandma to make me a white 
>one to go with one of my dresses, but she can't find a pattern, and I'm 
>rather clueless because I don't crochet. So if the circle won't work, could 
>anyone tell me where I might find a pattern for it?
>-Chelsea Williams
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