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I can not see any reason for the SCA or any group to know my Social Security
Number. I do not think this is necessary and believe it is ageist all common
sense to give give all that info with the likely hood of identity theft so

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  It has come to my attention that improper procedures have been used to add
or remove signatories from your bank cards.  When a person is added or
removed from the bank card, the signature card has to go through the entire
process of being signed by the local exchequer, the seneschal and a least
one person on your finance committee. Then the card is sent to the regional
exchequer who signs and sends it on to Kingdom.  A few groups have to be
sent on to Milpitas.   Special permission is not needed for a Baron/ess to
sign the card.  You can not have two people from the same address on the
signature card.   When the card is sent out it must be accompanied by a copy
of each signatories drivers license, social security card and membership
card.  You do not have to change the cards unless the local exchequer has

  Please follow these procedures so that we can stop any problems from
occurring in the future.

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  HE Anastasiya Feodorovna
  Regional Exchequer
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