[Bonwicke] An oopsy

Cerinicus Silverblade cerinicus at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 13 19:20:31 PST 2004

My pardon good folk of the western region. It was
noted upon to me that I left out the date of the
wedding. That said, I rectify that situation now. 

It will be the 17th day of April at 11am at the union
community center in Snyder. I do realize that the time
of Gulf Wars is upon us, and as such I do not expect
answers right away. 

Those that DO plan to attend, please RSVP by the
invitations you may have received at Crescent Wrench,
and also please RSVP to my email by the first weekend
in Apri with either a positive or negative response. 

For positive RSVPs I shall forward a map.

One further reminder, for those that are still here
and not at gulf wars there will be a wedding shower on
the 27th of march at 2pm place TBD. No gifts are
required, however your favorite recipe would be great
as we would like to make a recipe book.

Ok so I was wrong, one more reminder: please bring
feast gear and chairs as chairs are a scarcity. 

One last thing, and this time I am sure it is all as
my lady pointed out everything I did incorrectly last
time. Let's go ahead and treat it as a Western Region
Fighter Practice. For those of you here and not at
Gulf, the extra practice should come in handy. This
includes lights and heavies. Bardic is encouraged.

Unless I have further updates, this will do


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