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It bears repeating. But brings up another topic I was curious about. 
Does anyone on the Western List   NOT get postings from 
ansteorra-announce at ansteorra.org?
I thought subscribers to Western were automaticly subed to the announce 


estarkey wrote:

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>Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Photos
>>I am seeking some great, high quality, wow photos of the SCA, preferably
>>Ansteorra.  Why?  I am trying to finalize press releases for use by
>>groups as well as some new member material.  
>>I have some War Shots already so unless they are fabulous don't need any
>>more of these.
>>I am looking for pictures of people in the Fancy Outfits, Equestrians in
>>full splendor, A&S, Dance, and rapier where the people are in action and
>>in nice garb and helms (if possible).
>>So if you have a high quality photo that may fit the bill, please email
>>Ansteorra-Announce mailing list
>>Ansteorra-Announce at ansteorra.org
>Western mailing list
>Bonwicke at ansteorra.org

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