[Bonwicke] Rapier Melee groups

Muirchu Faolon at plaiddragon.net
Thu Nov 11 09:19:23 PST 2004

            We of the Western Region have been challenged by the Barony of
Bryn Gwlad to a formal melee using rapier units.

No date has been set as of yet for this. The Baron of Bonwick has accepted
on behalf of the Western Region.

I can assure that we have at least 6 months to form units of 3 or more
fighters and work out orders, formations, and tactics before 

the challenge is to be met. 

To this end I am hosting a Rapier Melee practice on Sunday the 21 from 2pm
on in Trelac. All are welcome to attend.

I plan to do this once a month on a regular basis and I strongly suggest
that whatever unit you form sets up a regular practice as well.


This will give us the opportunity to fight more effectively (not that we
need it) at wars, as these units should stay together beyond the challenge

and grow to know each others capabilities on the field.


Directions to the practice will be posted shortly.


Faolon Muirchu

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