[Bonwicke] My Gothic Thank Yous and Word Fame

Bridget the Stargazer bridgetthestargazer at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 9 10:27:07 PDT 2004

Greetings to one and all,

This was my first Gothic War and my first time being Waterbearer in Charge. 
I learned a lot and had a good time too. I have a long list of people to 
thank. We had 16 adults who signed in to waterbear over the two days. There 
were 19, yes, I said 19 youths signed in over the course of the event to 

In random order(and as they themselves signed in), these are the people who 
helped out and volunteered for waterbearing at Gothic Wars 14:
Name & (age)
Katanya (16)
Katie (10)
Kodi Elliott(11)
Elizabeth Orrie(16)
Daniel Dawkins (?)
Elizabeth Marzec (14)
Timothy Jump (16)
Shane Robbins (9)
Nikko (11)
Jon (10)
Gavin (10)
Levi (10)
Katie Jacson
Liam (4 1/2)
Ro MacDuff (15)

These young Ansteorrans did a fantastic job! To the parents of these 
children, please pass my repeated thanks on to your children once again.

The adults:
Dracot MacDonough
Alexandrina Ya Suka
Edward Granberry
Nicolet Dueville
Baroness Safiye
Chiara Montelione
Jndy Johnson
Elizabeta della Rosa
Vara Sigurdsdottir
Jodocus von Rommel
Demitri Stukof
Katja Lilieva Vydrina Dimkova
Gaen verch Cynarig

Thank you one and all for volunteering. We had "floating fighters" on 
Saturday because of you.

I also want to say thank you to Lady Caley, Lady Ethne, Lord Gavin and Lord 
Stephen Blackthorne for all the encouragement you offered.

Caley, Ethne, Safiye, Chiara and Nicolet, thank you for jumping right in and 
getting things set up in quick (and experienced) fashion.

Dracot and Ro, I don't know how many times you ran back and forth between 
water points and the spigots for us, but thank you for each trip.

Roach, you've got some great ideas and your help in the kitchen was 

The Western Region has many things to be proud of, one more to add to that 
list is those who volunteer to waterbear.

I also have to give word fame to my dear husband who helped recruit 
waterbearers at every turn and made sure that Rowan and I had lunch.

Lastly, I have to give word fame to my co-WBiC: Lady RowanMazey MacBranian 
mag Labruin. This Lady worked so hard to help my plans run smoothly. Without 
her help, things would not have been near what they were. Thank you, Rowan.

One last piece of info then I'm really done. We had planned to have largesse 
for all the waterbearers. There were 24 necklaces. When I tallied the 
numbers of adults and children, I realized I didn't have enough to give 
everyone a necklace. It was decided to give them to the children because 
children need something tangible more than adults do. Not all the children 
who helped came to see me after court. If you have a child listed above who 
said "Mom/Dad, I didn't get my necklace", email me off list and we'll work 
out a way to get it to them.

I hope I've listed everyone who helped. If I've left someone out, please 
forgive me and know that while you may not be listed here, your help was 
appreciated at Gothic.

Thank you all for an incredible time,
Bridget the Stargazer
Waterbearer-in-Charge for Gothic Wars 14

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