[Bonwicke] Sweetwater Lake Park - Good News

Ron Brooks rbrooks at xit.net
Wed Sep 15 15:45:53 PDT 2004

Your Excellency,

While the Coleman site is a nice one, and should be on our list of
possibilities, I feel that it would vbe better if the event floated and that
the group hosting it should decide where it should be held. There is a
wonderful site in the northern reaches of the Western Region, Mobeetie State
Park, which would be a great place to hold Gothic at. This site would also
help us to attract more of the Northern Region Populace.


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> Your Ladyship and the rest of my Western kin,
> While this is good news and will be great for other Western Regional
> events, I would like to go on the record as saying that I think that
> we should continue to host Gothic Wars at the site in Coleman. I
> firmly belive that the location and amenities of that site is what
> drew in 100 more people this year versus years past and I was told
> many times over that if we continue to use the new site we will get
> even more people next year. I know that the site in Coleman has some
> problems, but I think that we can work through those and the distance
> for those of us in the northern portion of the Region is only about
> 30 min. more than Sweetwater. All in all I think that we have found a
> much better site and I hope that we continue to utilize it.
> Just my 2 coins worth.
> Kainin
> Baron of Bonwicke
> >On Tuesday morning, I attended in a meeting of the Sweetwater City
> >at the invitation of  Tom Henderson, a member of the Sweetwater Lake
> >Volunteer Fire Department in regards to the site use fee for Sweetwater
> >Park.  The use fee was item L on their agenda.
> >  As written, item L reduced the rate for use of the park from $240 per
> >to $150 per night.  With input from Mr. Henderson and myself, the
> >City Council decided to reduce the rate further to $150 per weekend for
> >civic and non-profit groups (SCA), effective immediately.
> >
> >
> >In service,
> >HL AmaRyah
> >Western Regional Seneschal
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