[Bonwicke] Sweetwater Lake Park - Good News

HE Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Wed Sep 15 15:59:24 PDT 2004


In the realm of friendly debate I have to disagree, my friend. Making 
Gothic a floating site will lose us many people, in my opinion. I 
think the numbers will show that; when we went to the same site year 
after year we started getting more people because they knew where to 
go and what to expect. Moving the site around will confuse people and 
they will give up trying to follow us.

As far as attracting more from the Northern Region, I think that we 
have as many coming now as we will ever have. Bear in mind that 
Wiesenfeuer's Baronial event is always the same weekend as Gothic and 
so most from the Northern Region go to support their fellow Barony 
and those that wish to go to a war instead come south anyway.

I know that our Western brethren in Adlersruhe and Am Loch have a 
great distance to travel (you even further my friend) and I 
understand why you are suggesting a floating site but I firmly belive 
that to keep Gothic successful we must stay with one site and that 
site, if we want to grow, is Coleman.


>Your Excellency,
>While the Coleman site is a nice one, and should be on our list of
>possibilities, I feel that it would vbe better if the event floated and that
>the group hosting it should decide where it should be held. There is a
>wonderful site in the northern reaches of the Western Region, Mobeetie State
>Park, which would be a great place to hold Gothic at. This site would also
>help us to attract more of the Northern Region Populace.

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