[Bonwicke] Adlersruhe Demos

Dean racerx9 at cox.net
Wed Sep 15 19:54:40 PDT 2004


October 16, 2004 (which is a Saturday) from 9am-2pm, Fannin Middle
School is holding their annual History Festival and has invited us once
again to participate. This is a huge demo for us and a chance for us to
show what our time period is about aside from fighting. I have asked
that we have some people doing presentations and try to make it
interesting to a bunch of middle school kids. Also I have asked that the
presentation not be any longer than 15 minutes. We will make a schedule
once we know who is going to be doing presentations and mix them between
the heavy and light fighting demos.

If anyone would be interested in doing a presentation for the students
please let me know ASAP at racerx9 at cox.net

If you want to just come up and fight for a few hours with us then by
all means you are welcome, we need light and heavy fighters.

If you would like to come up the previous night and/or stay for the
weekend and need crash space let me know and we will make some
arrangements for you.

After the demo we will have a BBQ in the park and kick back and have
some fun and then our normal fighter practice on Sunday. 

Also, the following Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24, 2004 The
League of Celtic Nations is holding their annual festival and asked us
to be present and fighting. They mainly want us their for color, no
presentations,  which means allot of fighting, both light and heavy are
needed for that as well. All the above mentioned info about crash space
goes for this one too, just let me know and I will make some
arrangements for you.

If you can help us out with either or both of these demos it would be
much appreciated.

Thank you, 


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