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Elizabeth Blackthorne damsle_n_distress2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 20:50:25 PDT 2004

Well I decided to comment on this issue.  First, I liked the site in Coleman.  There were some problems but most of them were things that could not have been prevented.  The electricity for instance was a freak occurance and was handled quickly considering how big the problem was.  I would have liked to have a few more bathrooms available, but I did not ever have to do the pee pee dance standing in a long line waiting.  For a shower though, yes.  We do forget however that the Sweetwater site has no shower.  Being able to clean off everynight before going to bed was appreciated.  There was also the mundanes in attendance.  Mundanes are a double edge sword, on one hand that's how our numbers grow, on the other, they do disttract from our playing.  Sweetwater also had the "Mundane Problem".  Have we forgotten about the drunk kids driving through the site late at night causing trouble last year.  At the Sweetwater site I have no knowledge of anyone telling anyone that they had to "keep
 it down" because of a mundane camping spot close to their camp, which did happen at Coleman this year.  I personally don't like change.  I liked the Ampatheater and all that but I did also LOVE being able to shower.  No matter what is decided for next year there will be those unhappy about the decision.  If the site changes every year there will be complainers but those who look foreward to this war every year will still attend and bring along our newbies because they just have to go to Gothic.  We will still show up with all of our goodies for the war chest, and next year we will probably be more likely to remember not only to bring the Off but also to use it.  I also got horribly eaten up by chiggers and mosquitoes as did many others.  Every event I've been to has had a bug problem of one kind or another, fire ants, bees, wasps, mosqitoes, chiggers, etc. We are outside camping, it's bound to happen.  We just have to be prepared for them as participants.  Over all I enjoyed the
 war.  If all I can complain about is a few hours of no electricity, bug bites, waiting in a line for the bathroom, and trying to make sure I make it on site by 10pm: I had a great event.  It didn't even rain, nor was it 110 degrees.  Great job Ryah on the event and good luck on next year's Rufus, you have mighty big shoes to fill.  No matter where it is I will be there, bringing way too much stuff, probably setting up in the dark, complaining on the outside, reveling on the inside.  I hopefully will remember the bug spray and be as religious about it as I am sunscrean.
Just my 2 coins worth, please don't throw back my change 
Lady Elizabeth

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