[Bonwicke] Sweetwater Lake Park - Good News

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There was a great turn out that year, because it was heavily promoted
outside the region. I have been to every Gothic, and I have noted a marked
increase of people since we kept it at the same site for a couple of years.
There are many people that travel from all over this Kingdom to go to a
melee event. While I have always been a fan of the Sweetwater site, for
several reason, one of which is its location, I do tend to agree with his
Excellency. Hord's Creek was a really nice site with a few things that could
be improved. Also the City of Sweetwater was told what that site had and
what it cost us, one of the reasons they dropped the price.
It is no fun to travel so far to spend a weekend, that I will agree on, but
I have always felt that a permanent site or nearly one, does increase the
attendance. But we do expect a certain amount of travel, that is just part
of this game, and while I sometimes hesitate to travel so far for just two
days, Gothic is a full weekend for most of us, so it does give one a bit of
time to relax before that drive home. Just ask the guys that come from
Northkeep and Moonschadowe.<G>

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> You Excellency,
> I'm afraid I will have to disagree with you on this. When Gothic floated I
> remember some great turn outs. The best was the year that HL Katherine was
> autocrate and it was held in Treloc. That was the year that it was the War
> of the Roses. Great site there too.
> See you soon,
> Bjorn

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