[Bonwicke] Gothic War Site

Ron Brooks rbrooks at xit.net
Thu Sep 16 10:22:18 PDT 2004

I felt I might as wwll change the header on this to reflect what the
discussion was really about.

First let me state that I thought the Coleman site was a nice site. The only
problems I had with it were little ones. The mundanes driving through and
the gate closing at 10 PM. Hopefully the gate closing can be taken care of.

I understand how an event always being at one site can be a plus, however if
the event does float it gives us a chance to have other people come to the
event, especially folks we would like to join or become more active. Also
let us play with other regions more, once again, if it was to mheld at
Mobeetie and was publized well we would have a good chance of having sonme
folks from Calontir and the Outlands showing up in fair numbers.

My two cents,


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