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Reading through this thread in its two subject headings I have to agree that 
floating it to different sites will have a negative effect on attendance. 
The current site, Hord Creek, was an excellent site for the numbers that 
showed up for the melees and definitely could have accommodated siege 
weapons and combat archery nicely with a different layout as Eadric pointed 

Beautiful site, beautiful weather, great time in the lake, must have 
meetings over there. :)

And the drive from Dallas was beautiful.

Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra
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:I wanted to let everyone know that I am paying VERY close attention to what
: is being said. The feed back has been great and has paralleled many
: conversations concerning Gothic XV.
: I can promise that Gothic XV will have surprises for everyone. (I mean 
: in a mischievously evil way)
: Rufus
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