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Re: [Bonwicke] Gothic War SiteThat would definetly take care of my two biggest problems with the site. As I said before, it is a nice site. I do wish though that all would give some credence to Mobeetie.

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  Actually your Excellency that is a possibility for the future. In the post Gothic meeting it was said (I don't remember by whom) that the people at Hordes Creek are planning to add on to the site and the new portion would be separate from the rest of the park. If that happens it would solve two problems; it would keep the mundanes out and we might be allowed to control the gate and thereby not have the 10:00pm lock down problem.

  Does anyone have more information on this?


    Hakon and I really liked the Horde Creek site but I must say that I agree with your arguement..Apparently the mundanes were more of a problem than I had realized...I thought it would be our chance to educate but it turned out not to be the case..Lesson learned I guess.I wonder if there would be a way to have it all to ourselves?
    Just my .02,
    Anna ~


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