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I think that would be a great idea, Your Excellency. Better to ask than try to predict (or, more realistically, guess...). 

HE Kainin Tepesa <kainin at copycraft.com> wrote:
Feedback is a very good thing and helps in the planning of any successful venture. I had been thinking about this earlier today and I think that what we really need is the feedback of the Kingdom. We in the West are merely the hosts of this event, it is the rest of the Kingdom that are the guests.

I propose putting together some sort of polling website with questions like:

        If Gothic Wars were held next year at Hordes Creek Lake I would be...

                More likely to come.
                Less likely to come.
                I would come no matter what.

        If Gothic Wars were held next year at Lake Sweetwater I would be...

                More likely to come.
                Less likely to come.
                I would come no matter what.

Explain in an email to the Kingdom list why we are conducting this poll (ie: that Sweetwater had asked for too much money this year which forced us to a new site but now have seen the error of their ways and we are trying to decide what to do for next year.) and ask for input. Lord Ian said it best: "I myself didn't like the coleman site, but what i like isn't important, we are in the business of drawing people to our events.  If coleman has a larger drawing power than sweetwater, then i say we have to use it." 

We need to find out what our guests from outside of the region think of Coleman versus Sweetwater and use that information to determine what will be best for Gothic's future. I will be happy to take care of the polling if no one is opposed to the idea.


I wanted to let everyone know that I am paying VERY close attention to what is being said. The feed back has been great and has paralleled many conversations concerning Gothic XV.
I can promise that Gothic XV will have surprises for everyone. (I mean that in a mischievously evil way)

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