[Bonwicke] Gothic War Site

HE Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Thu Sep 16 13:11:14 PDT 2004

Thank you good Lady for the input (and to the others from outside the 
Region that have posted their opinions). It is information like this 
that will help in the planning of future Gothics.


>A humble opinion from outside the Western Region:
>I love coming to Gothic Wars. Wherever it is I will try and make it.
>However, I greatly enjoyed the Coleman site.  I personally had no
>issues with the gate or the mundanes.  Since I enjoy my camping a bit
>on the spoiled side, the amenities of Coleman far outweigh what
>Sweetwater has to offer. That is me personally.
>Now for my Barony (Elfsea), I am the road trip planner for my Barony.
>This year at Gothic, Elfsea had over 20 populace members in
>attendance. That is double from the year previous.  Those 20 came home
>with nothing but good things to say about the site.
>"praise to our friends in the Western Region. Thank you for the
>wonderful camping site."
>"*Everything* was but a short walk away. List fields, melee fields,
>bath houses and court venues. Simply marvelous."
>I have been assured by many that they were sorry they missed out and
>are looking forward to Gothic next year.  This is in no small part to
>the new site. I can honestly tell you that moving to a different site
>will make it more difficult to get first-timers out.  You will always
>have your core group and the faithful that will follow wherever, it's
>the ones that aren't yet hooked you have to think about.
>Ever in Service,
>Lady Sabine le Curter
>Elfsea Hospitaler and Chronicler

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