[Bonwicke] King Arthur Demo

RowanMazey at aol.com RowanMazey at aol.com
Mon Sep 27 14:39:43 PDT 2004

Greetings to the Western Region of Ansteorra,

Another Demo opportunity has presented itself.  The Hastings store in Abilene, TX has invited the SCA to put on a Demonstration in front of their store for the night that King Arthur, the 2004 movie, comes out on video and DVD.  The exact date is unknown at this time, however it is projected to be mid-November/December time on a Tuesday night.  Why a Tuesday you ask?  Well cause that's the night the store releases new movies.
*Big sigh*  I know it was sounding cool until then, cause just like you, I work in the mundane life as well.  That is why I am posting this early so that I can request time off from work.  :)  Hint hint.
I would like to work this so that it would be a late afternoon/evening time around 5-6ish to 8-9ish.  I know this would be a great opportunity for the fighters to "show off" there stuff.  And I now have contact information for a photo journalist with the Abilene newspaper and I know he would be interested in doing a story.
Sounds tempting, doesn't it?  Well, get pumped up, get excited, get out that armor and shine, shine, shine.  Or don't and you'll look like you fit right into the movie.  Hehe.
I'll be posting information as it becomes available.  Please pass the word.

In service to the Kingdom of Ansteorra,
Lady RowanMazey MacBranian mag Labruin
Shire of Mendersham Hospitaler

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