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Aaron MacGregor m_geisendorff at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 19:53:33 PDT 2004

Greetings Ansteorra!
After carefully reviewing the current Marshalate Roster, it was quite 
that we have a serious problem in the current authorizing system 
Armored Combat.  Some of these problems include authorizing marshals in

field (let’s say armored combat) authorizing participants in other 
fields such as 
archery or siege engines.  We have had authorizing marshals who have, 
turn, “made” more authorizing marshals.  Those who have served as 
and/or DEMS have been allowed to keep their authorizing marshal status 
after they 
have stepped down from their respective positions.  These are all 
There is no easy way to institute controls.  So, changes are coming:
(1)  Unless you are a Regional Marshal, a DEM (a deputy directly under 
Earl Marshal), or a selected member of the Order of Chivalry, you are 
no longer 
an authorizing marshal.  Do not continue to authorize participants as 
you issue will not be valid.  (In the case of members of the Order of 
being authorizing marshals, I will be contacting you directly.)
(2)  All participant (fighter) cards will expire at the end of March 
You will need to be re-authorized by a Regional, a DEM, or one of the 
members of the Order of Chivalry.  I am hoping to have new cards 
available by 
the first of November, 2004.  The system that will be put in place will

require authorizing marshals, DEMs, and select members of the Order of 
Chivalry to 
submit a form for each combatant being authorized and a card will be 
issued by 
the Marshalate Secretary.  The Marshalate Secretary will also be able 
to issue 
cards at events where she will be present.  Her schedule and lists of 
authorizing marshals will be posted on the Marshalate webpage.
(3)  Only HRM, the Earl Marshal and DEMs will be able to create (new) 
authorizing marshals.
(4)  Regionals – your job has just become more travel intensive.  You

will be 
required to travel to events and fighter practices to do 
authorizations.  I 
would suggest you make out your travel schedule beginning in November 
2004, and 
post it to the e-groups in your region.  In the case of performing 
authorizations at events, set a time that you will be available for 
authorizations so 
you won’t have to miss out on the day’s events.  If you are not 
able to travel, 
please see me so we can work out a solution. 
For the time being, these changes will only affect Armored Combat 
Archery and Siege Engines.  Youth Combat, Youth Boffer, and Youth 
Rapier will 
not have to go through this process although new cards will be issued. 

same may go for Rapier, Equestrian, and Thrown Weapons.
It is my goal to complete this task with as little disruption to our 
“fun” as possible.  There will be a flurry of activity for a couple

months then things should smooth out.  By the time you read this 
missive, I will 
have spoken personally with those who will be authorizing marshals.  
remember the old saying “No rules means Chaos.”  We don’t want 
Remember, drink fluids and be safe.  We are all here to have fun and to

memories.  Let’s make them be good memories.   Remember…if you are 
practicing - mind and body - someone else will triumph!
Until next we meet,
Patrick Michael

Also, It has been said that Contrasting tape is fine on cutting edges
of Swords. Red tape on thrusting tips, but contrasting tape is fine for


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