[Bonwicke] King Arthur Demo

RowanMazey at aol.com RowanMazey at aol.com
Tue Sep 28 19:09:32 PDT 2004

Well the official date has been confirmed.

King Arthur Demo
December 21, 2004 (this is a Tuesday night)
At the Hastings in Abilene, TX

King Arthur (the 2004 version) comes out on video and DVD Dec. 21, 04 at the 
Hastings in Abilene, TX.  They have invited the SCA to come out and do a Demo 
in the parking lot in front of the store.  This is a great opportunity to 
promote the SCA and a really cool way of doing it.

I know it's way early to start planning, but I'd like to hear from anyone who 
is interested in participating in this demo.  It is so close to Christmas 
that I'm afraid to make a commitment to Hastings if we will not have 
participating fighters.  I wouldn't be fair.  There are only 2 local (Abilene) Heavy 
fighters and about 5 Light fighters.  I need more fighters than this to really give 
it a good turn out.

Please consider this carefully and contact me if you wish to participate.

~Lady RowanMazey MacBranian mag Labruin (Rowan)
Shire of Mendersham Hospitaler
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