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jesandken at grandecom.net jesandken at grandecom.net
Tue Sep 28 20:45:47 PDT 2004

Just curious... Can the newsletter be a monthly or bi-monthly event that is sent
electronically?  Or does it absolutely have to be in print?
Thanks for the clarification!

Quoting Ld Byron <chance at camalott.com>:

> This is from the Chronicler's handbook.
>     All Local Branch Chroniclers must produce a newsletter for their Local
> Branch in accordance with the Corporate Publications Handbook and this
> document. Shires and baronies must produce a local newsletter. The newsletter
> must be printed as often as local subscriptions dictate, but at least one
> every two months must be printed. Under extreme situations, the local
> chronicler may miss a printing as required for one month. If this occurs, a
> statement extending the subscription of all subscribers must be included in
> the next issue. Note: Extreme Situations are very rare.
>     As Bonwicke is the one that has subscriptions (that I know of), the rest
> of us just print out the newsletters.
>     Local Branch Chroniclers are required to maintain an archive of their
> group's newletters. This archive is to be maintained indefinitely. _ It says
> earlier that the newsletters are to be maintained for 6 months. Like most
> things there are more than one answer.
>     There are other dos and don'ts. This took me 30 minutes to type since I
> could not cut and paste.
>     I know you all have lives and this is a volunteer group. I just want the
> Western Region to shine the best in the Kingdom.
>             Byron

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