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estarkey estarkey at camalott.com
Wed Sep 29 16:02:46 PDT 2004

I had this almost ready to go out, and my computer (bless its little emers)
locked up and had to go to the computer hospital.  Please pardon my lateless
in giving word fame to all the great people who were of invaluable
assistance to me as Autocrat of Gothic Wars XIV.

First of all, the populace who came for the biggest Gothic War.  Y'all were

My Co-autocrat, HL Rufus, who showed up early, stayed late,  set the
merchants all in a row, arranged the heralding, and was the fixer of many,
many things.

Lord Angus for running the Rapier Activities, being the liason with the
park, and taking care of lots of stuff that came up.

Just Ben, who ran gate and kept track of the t-shirts

Richard, who provided the hay bales and loaded and hauled them back and
forth.   He constructed the targets for Axe, Knife and Spear,
and also provided the 4 wheeler that saved me so much time and sore feet.

Ld Svendrogen for the running A&S, doing up the site tokens, and my dragon.

Crossrode Keep for extra signs and Saturday Luncheon for the Crown.

George for cooking two suppers and preparing lunch on Sunday for our noble
guests, making sure that I was fed and watered, and so many other things.

Lord Byron for running Axe, Knife and Spear competition, along with Jena and
George and Liam

Rufus, Dirk, Gerold and Larkin for heralding the site.

Lady Noreen for running the Chivaric Activities.  Lady Rowen for assisting
her and their wonderful castle.

All the good gentles who marshalled.

Michael of Langley for running the Youth Tourney.

All the people who pitched in to build the castle and the boat, Noreen,
Rowen, George, Byron, Sven, Daryth, Elycia, Angus

Bridget Stargazer for organizing the waterbearing, and all her assistants.

Bridget and Rowen for keeping an eye on our sanitation.

Liam for setting up, tearing down, running security, and being generally
helpful all thru the event.

Conor and Baron Armand for running the Squire's Newcomer List.

All the Centurians for standing to challenge.  Centurians Chiang and Almarr
for organizing the Centurians challenge

My clean-up crew, Byron, Richard, Sven, George, Elycia and Daryth who
cleaned up both pavillions, took down and loaded the ship, make many trash
runs, and policed the site.  McBraun Household for taking down the castle.

The entire Crane Household for their wonderful support and willingness to
pitch in and do whatever I needed, whenever I needed it done.  Y'all kept me

Lady Caley and Lord Gavin for their wonder job as chirgeons

Sir Timo and HRM Draconus for the barrier challenge.

Baroness Jan and the Amazons for the donations to the War Chest and the
Amazon Auction.

I am sure that there are many more whom I have not mentioned.  Please
forgive me and my old memory<G>.

Y'all come again next year.  It'll be the Amazons 25th Anniversary to boot.

Lady AmaRyah hap Illys de Visclo
Autocrat, Gothic XIV

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