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It can be bi-monthly if you wish it. It can be sent out by email to the
populace that wished it, but it has to available in print if asked for, and
You have to snail mail out the 4 or 5 copies to be kept by the higher ups
(and me) along with the 1 copy that you have to maintain in your files (this
is 2 copies now since there isn't a Historian).         Byron
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> Just curious... Can the newsletter be a monthly or bi-monthly event that
is sent
> electronically?  Or does it absolutely have to be in print?
> Thanks for the clarification!
> Gertrud
> Quoting Ld Byron <chance at camalott.com>:
> > This is from the Chronicler's handbook.
> >     All Local Branch Chroniclers must produce a newsletter for their
> > Branch in accordance with the Corporate Publications Handbook and this
> > document. Shires and baronies must produce a local newsletter. The
> > must be printed as often as local subscriptions dictate, but at least
> > every two months must be printed. Under extreme situations, the local
> > chronicler may miss a printing as required for one month. If this
occurs, a
> > statement extending the subscription of all subscribers must be included
> > the next issue. Note: Extreme Situations are very rare.
> >     As Bonwicke is the one that has subscriptions (that I know of), the
> > of us just print out the newsletters.
> >     Local Branch Chroniclers are required to maintain an archive of
> > group's newletters. This archive is to be maintained indefinitely. _ It
> > earlier that the newsletters are to be maintained for 6 months. Like
> > things there are more than one answer.
> >     There are other dos and don'ts. This took me 30 minutes to type
since I
> > could not cut and paste.
> >     I know you all have lives and this is a volunteer group. I just want
> > Western Region to shine the best in the Kingdom.
> >             Byron
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