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Sun Dec 11 07:40:43 PST 2005

I am not sure how many of you knew him, but I counted him as a friend.

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>   In grief, I would share but a few words with you all.  Lord Michael
>   was the most honorable, genuine, respectable man I have ever
>   encountered.  He has left us far before his time, and with no
>   warning.
>   He showed me more about loyalty, duty, and all around goodness than I
>   could possibly express.  I am proud that Michael will always be my
>   first squire.
>   Those of you who knew him know how sorely he will be missed.  Those of
>   you who did not, please lend your support to those of us who will be
>   grieving his loss.
>   I am beside myself, in disbelief at present.
>   In service,
>   Syr Anton Cwith
>   Rhoadd
>   Diwrnod i'r Bren fel llad Nadroedd!

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