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Sun Dec 11 10:29:24 PST 2005

Thank you Chaing.

I am grived and sadened and deeply greived by this news. Michael was a
wonderful man.I am still in shock and very saddened by this news.  I
counted him and his wife among those in  the SCA that are near and
dear to my heart.  My heart goes out to  his family. They will be in
my prayers. if there is anthing I can do please please let me know.

Our kingdom has lost a wonderful and special man. I will miss him greatly.


On 12/11/05, HE Chiang <chiang at nts-online.net> wrote:
> I am not sure how many of you knew him, but I counted him as a friend.
> Chiang
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> >   In grief, I would share but a few words with you all.  Lord Michael
> >   was the most honorable, genuine, respectable man I have ever
> >   encountered.  He has left us far before his time, and with no
> >   warning.
> >
> >   He showed me more about loyalty, duty, and all around goodness than I
> >   could possibly express.  I am proud that Michael will always be my
> >   first squire.
> >
> >   Those of you who knew him know how sorely he will be missed.  Those of
> >   you who did not, please lend your support to those of us who will be
> >   grieving his loss.
> >   I am beside myself, in disbelief at present.
> >   In service,
> >
> >   Syr Anton Cwith
> >
> >   Rhoadd
> >
> >   Diwrnod i'r Bren fel llad Nadroedd!
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