[Bonwicke] Fw: [Ansteorra] Lord Michael of Langley

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What happened to cause his death at such a young age?




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Thank you.  I will post information as soon as the plans are made - which
should be later sometime this afternoon.  We are all in shock...Michael was
only 37.




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>I'm quite shaken with the news. Utter dismay doesn't
>quite approach what I'm feeling. Having children in
>the SCA, I had quite a few experiences with Michael. I
>can't tell you what a loss to the Kingdom this is. I'm
>truly sorry. Condolensces to the family, and if there
>is anything we can do, please let us know.
>If you would, please post the time and place of the
>Aaron, Britta, Alex, and Caylie
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