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Yes, though not so many focusing on the relationship between teacher and student and how to relate to your teacher what is the best way for you to learn. Not to offend anybody, but even I sometimes get stuck on what direction I want my students to take instead of what direction they want to go in. I have put alot of thought into this upon realizing my own faults in teaching people and I have found that by discussing with them and letting them know that I will try to teach them according to their own particular style I have learn as much from them as I have taught them if not more. I simply wish to share what I have found and perhaps discover new and better ways to teach people. In my opinion there cannot be enough manuals out there becuase everybody learns differently and if we keep to the idea that someone else has already done this we limit ourselves and deny ourselves the wonders of discovery. I intend this not to be a finite definition but an alternative to the normal style so that we can all progress beyond what we already know.


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>  You do realize that there are several online already off the Ansteorran's
>  Rapier website free for download already.
>  (http://www.ansteorra.org/search.php)
>  What will be different in your verses what is there already?
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>  >I am working on a manual for rapier. Its main focus will be how to teach
>  >and how to learn, with imphasis on the different ways people react to each
>  >other and several different technigues for establishing a mental game.
>  > One of the main reasons I'm doing this is to get it out of my head so that
>  > I can progress in other areas of rapier. I will try not to focus to
>  > strongly on my own technigues but give at least a general idea of several
>  > technigues I have witnessed by my own interpretation. I know not everyone
>  > learns the same way so if you have a particular way that you prefer to be
>  > taught or have found that works for teaching please let me know.
>  > I do not intend to sell this manual but disperse it freely to all
>  > interested so name recognition is all can offer for unigue methods which
>  > make it to E-publication. (becuase I want this to be a free resource I
>  > find it best to keep it computerised) Looking forward to any imput and
>  > please let me know if you want a copy when I'm finished. (understand this
>  > could take months)
>  >
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