[Bonwicke] Prizes at Twelfth Night

Bethany Burke damsle_n_distress2003 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 30 16:41:41 PST 2005

I can bake cookies, probably oatmeal raisin and peanutbutter, maybe even chocolate chip.

Kristy <kristyandelong at yahoo.com> wrote: I am going to bring candles and some type of candy. Probably pecan brittle. I don't think pecan brittle is period but I guess I could call it candied nuts.

paula hanna <pippermint at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  Unto my dear ladies of the Barony and Western Region,

Twelfth Night is fast approaching, and as my lord-husband is stewarding this year, I have
the distinct privelege of knowing well in advance the workings of that much-awaited day.
As we've done in the past, this year's tournament will be one of chivalry and courtesy.
The victors of the tournaments will be chosen by a ladies gallery - made up of as many
from the barony/region as wish to participate. Depending on the number of entrants, the
ladies gallery will choose three champions of the day for both the chivalric and rapier
!  lists.  So, to that end, we would request that all ladies in the barony/region please
prepare or
purchase 6 small handheld items. These do not have to be anything extravagent by any
means; we just want a lot of small trinkets to fill the baskets for those chosen.

I will include a list of ideas, but by no means should you feel limited to this list.
Please use your imagination. For example I will be making marzipan fruits placed in small
painted boxes and either cranberry relish or hazelnut brittle (and additionally don't
feel like you should make more than one KIND of item - I'm entering two items for each
just because I want to - however, if you want to make more, of course, we would always
approciate that).

Here are some suggestions. Six of each purchased or crafted, and please feel free to
include your name on the item so the champions will know who has given them such lovely
items. Also, remember that the entrants, being chivalrous, sh!  ould be  attaining these
baskets in honour of their lady, so include things for men, women or that both can share.
Oh, and please post back what you are willing to contribute so we don't have a basket of
20 packages of gingerbread. ;o)

Gingerbread (a few cookies in a little bag)
Bag or box of nuts (spiced or otherwise)
Pretty beads
Bone needles
Horn spoon
Horn cup
Handsewn favour
Small painting
Small candle
Small bottle of cordial
period bells
period buttons
packet of stationery
sealing wax
arming cap

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