[Bonwicke] ryah's brother

estarkey at camalott.com estarkey at camalott.com
Tue Feb 1 11:13:28 PST 2005

dear friends
 i will be out of touch for a few days.  my brother bill was hit by a
train about a mile from my house yesterday.  his girlfriend from colorado
was with him in the truck, and was killed.  the train tore the engine out
of his pickup.  both he and rosalie were thrown from the truck.  she was
pronounced dead at the site, and he was air evac'ed to abilene.  he is at
hendricks critical care unit in abilene, currently in stable condition. 
he broke an ankle, some ribs, punctured a lung which they had to
reinflate, fractured his neck in several places, and got a mild
concussion. we are extremely lucky that he is alive and will recover. 
he's not paralized, but will take a long time to heal.  don't know how
long he will be in the hospital, he is in a lot of pain when he is awake.
 am staying mostly at the hospital right now.
 thank you all for your thoughts and prayers

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