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Charlie Cain larkinokane at cox.net
Wed Feb 23 15:51:05 PST 2005

It is a beautiful site.....    WELL DONE!!!

paula hanna wrote:

>And while we're doling out thanks where they are due, I do not wish to overlook my
>lord-husband, Baron Kainin, who has spent countless hours converting my designwork to a
>web-suitable format. My computer knowledge stops with the use of Adobe Illustrator, and I
>am amazed and grateful for him spearheading this endeavor.
>Oh, and, really...go check out the site. www.bonwicke.org
>Lady Bonwicke
>--- HE Kainin Tepesa <kainintepesa at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Greetings good gentles,
>>I wish to announce the launch of the Barony of
>>Bonwicke's new website and invite you to stop by and
>>have a look.
>>Several people need to be thanked for this effort. 
>>First, my lady wife, Baroness Oriana, who put her
>>mundane design skills to work and created one of the
>>most beautiful sites I have ever seen. She gets all
>>the kudos for the eye catching look and artistic feel
>>of this wonderful new site.
>>Secondly, Lord Tristan, who worked long hours to come
>>up with the simplest HTML code I have ever seen. The
>>entire website, graphics and pictures included, fit on
>>a 3.5 floppy disk when he was done. It is a marvel,
>>thank you for making the page come to life.
>>Lastly, to our Web Minister, Lord William, many thanks
>>are due. We purchased the space at bonwicke.org 4 or 5
>>years ago, with the intention of one day designing a
>>website and getting it up (such as you are seeing
>>today) but something always seemed to get in the way.
>>Lord William took it upon himself to learn web design
>>so that he could create something to fill the space on
>>our new cyber home. He has been toiling, ever since
>>then, making sure that we had a page that was current
>>and informative while the new page was being built. I
>>do not want him to be lost in the shine of this new
>>site, his work on the old page and continued work
>>maintaining this new one is invaluable. 
>>In service,
>>Kainin Tepesa
>>Baron of Bonwicke
>>My apologies if you get this more than once, I am just
>>very excited about this new site.
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