[Bonwicke] Info needed

Charlie Cain / Larkin O'Kane larkinokane at cox.net
Sun Jan 9 12:23:49 PST 2005

My reply is not aimed at you Elizabetta!!!  Please do not take it as a 
personal affront.  It is not meant to be that at all.

Am I the only one to see requests/requirements/demands such as these as 
an invasion of privacy?


Lita Barrall wrote:

>Dearest people,
>I am acting MOC of Bonwicke, (hopefully) soon to be
>Western Region MOC. I need all senechals of the
>western region, or those MOC's to send me a list of
>all playing children (anyone under 18). I need mundane
>names and ages, as well as Sca names. Thank you very
>Elizabetta of the rom
>       ~Humble Traveler~
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