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HE Kainin Tepesa kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 07:39:14 PST 2005

Granted, I do not have children but I do not see this
request as an invasion of privacy. She is not asking
for any personal information (date of birth, address,
etc.). It looks like she just wants to get an idea of
how many children there are in the West so that she
can plan activities for them. 

Seeing as how she will likely be the one who is
watching these children, for the majority of the day,
at every event in the West this season, I don't see
the harm in wanting to know who they will be.

Perhaps it would have been better to request this
information, in a more informal manner, and directly
of the parents but political nuances like that come
from experience.

Just my two coins worth,

> My reply is not aimed at you Elizabetta!!!  Please
> do not take it as a 
> personal affront.  It is not meant to be that at
> all.
> Am I the only one to see
> requests/requirements/demands such as these as 
> an invasion of privacy?
> Larkin
> Lita Barrall wrote:
> >Dearest people,
> >I am acting MOC of Bonwicke, (hopefully) soon to be
> >Western Region MOC. I need all senechals of the
> >western region, or those MOC's to send me a list of
> >all playing children (anyone under 18). I need
> mundane
> >names and ages, as well as Sca names. Thank you
> very
> >much.
> >
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