[Bonwicke] Ok...VERY SORRY!!!

Lita Barrall elizabettamoc at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 14 19:13:30 PST 2005

My Lords and Ladies,
Perhaps there was a misunderstanding when I asked for
the information. Let me try to clarify. 
 The information requested was the names (mundane and
persona) and ages of all youth under 18. I was told by
my kingdom that I needed to send this information so
that she can get her records straight, and so that I
can get a list of attending children for ease of
activity planning. I did NOT mean to cause a problem.
I am sorry that my lack of proper graces caused one. I
was stressed and didn't think about adding please.
Also I am sorry that I didn't put clear meaning into
my e-mail. So here goes...

Will those with children please send me information
about  your child/children. It would help me
immensely. I need it to report to my Kingdom officer
and for my records. Also, if you would please offer
additional (OPTIONAL) information, such as any awards
given, any activities that the child/children is/are
interested in. it would be greatly appreciated.

In Service 
"The future of Ansteorra looks bright indeed."

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