[Bonwicke] Regarding our Youth Info

Tiffany Geisendorff thebrutelyone at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 21:02:27 PST 2005

Usually, names of individuals are obtained when they sign in at gate for events, to hold an office, authorization for participation, or for an award.  Such specific needs are understandable.  As a parent,  I do not feel the need or am comfortable with sending any information regarding my children to be on a list for general SCA activity planning or whatever the reason.  Before I would even consider sending information regarding my children, I would need to understand why they need this information.  If they are paid members, then they are already on file.  If they have an award, it is already on a list.  At this time, I do not feel that giving information about my children is needed.  
In order to complete this job that has been asked of you, I suggest that you report what information you can or that people are will to give and finish the report by stating that some parents do not wish to participate in this project at this time.
Best Wishes,
Countess Britta

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