[Bonwicke] Clearing the Air

Charlie Cain / Larkin O'Kane larkinokane at cox.net
Thu Jan 20 16:49:21 PST 2005

Thank you Lady Isabella!!


minister_children at ansteorra.org wrote:

>My Lords and Ladies of the Western Region,
>First let me introduce myself to you. My name is Lady Isabella Rodrigue
>and I am the Kingdom Minister of Children for our fair kingdom. His
>Excellency of Bonwicke has informed me of the misunderstanding running
>rampant through the West right now and I would love dearly to clear it up.
>Let me, before I begin, commend Lady Elizabette for coming forward to
>accept the responsibilities of the MoC office. Quite often this office is
>forgotten in the everyday running of things. With that said, I would like
>you to understand that when this information was requested by me
>apparently what I wanted from the West was misconstrued. I am looking only
>for numbers. I often have the opportunity to meet your children at evenets
>and already know many of our kingdom's youth by name. My regional
>misunderstood through no fault of her own. Please accept my deepest
>apologies for any concern this may have caused you regarding your
>children. Rest easy knowing that your children are in safe, capable hands
>when they attend MoC activities.
>In Service to Our Youth, Our Kingdom, and Our Dream,
>Lady Isabella Rodrigue
>Kingdom Minister of Children
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>Bonwicke at ansteorra.org

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