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Three years have past since the name Caridos Ruspoli was first heard in the
west. Stories were passed by merchants traveling between shires of an army
of black. A horde that feasted on war. But like all such stories they
included far off places that were only dreamt of in the minds of children.
But not all stories are fables. A year later during winter solstice
celebration the name Ruspoli was heard again. This time the name of the city
was not a far off place.  Now it contained the name Bonwicke. It was not a
story at all. It was a challenge to the Baron of Bonwicke. "Make terms with
me now or be swallowed by my army," was the message sent to Bonwicke.
Immediately a call to arms was spread through the west to gather any boy and
man of fighting age. In majestic fashion Bonwicke drove the horde of Ruspoli
back. Not stopping at days end. Through the night Ruspoli was chased until
his army was broken and defeated on the Alibate fields. 

Men such as Caridos Ruspoli to not stay hidden long. He has gathered a new
army and is again threatening the lands of the west. Ruspoli has vowed anew
to crush Bonwicke and see Bonwicke's army driven before him, and to hear the
lamentations of the women. He has challenged the Baron directly and will not
stop till Bonwicke rests impaled on a pike.

Come and join the Western Region in what promises to be the most memorable
and exciting GOTHIC WAR yet! Choose your side and fight in the dark horde of
Captain Caridos Ruspoli or don the colors of Bonwicke and help restore peace
to the lands of the west. 

Activities will include Chivalric and Rapier melees and tourneys, Arts and
Sciences competitions, AX, knife and spear contest and an archery contest.
Gothic War is also host to the Amazon household 25th anniversary
celebration, the annual Crane Party. There will also be haflas and parties
for all!!!!


Please visit Gothic webpage <http://adlersruhe.ansteorra.org/Gothic.html>
for more details. 



In Service,

Rufus Guthrie

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