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Wed Jun 22 19:53:45 PDT 2005

Greetings unto the fair kingdom of Ansteorra, 

For the past three years, the foul brigand Raspoli has tried numerous times to subvert the Western Region to his own nefarious purposes.  While Raspoli himself is rarely seen, we have dealt with his agents harshly and without mercy.  Raspoli has now become so bold as to personally appear before their excellencies Bonwicke, and yet so cowardly as to hide behind hostages.  

One month ago, in the court of his Excellency, Baron Kainin, Raspoli presented the heads of those Ansteorrans who had once lived and farmed the northern lands of the Barony of Bonwicke -- as payment of the Baron's taxes.  While the populace waxed wroth at this, he used my lady, Baroness Safiye op Griffith, as a hostage in order to make his escape.

My lady is no man's shield!

My lady, along with my region, will not be held hostage to this vile villain.

I call upon all honorable fighters, artisans and bards, who would not abide these dishonorable acts, to come to Gothic War and stand against Raspoli.  With you, my brothers and sisters, we shall put an end to Raspoli's foul ambitions.  No Ansteorran, no matter their station, shall ever fear for their safety within the borders of this great Kingdom.  Let us show this Raspoli what it means to be an Ansteorran!

Come fight for the honor and chivalry that is the Kingdom of Ansteorra!

Baron Gavin Mac Iain
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