[Bonwicke] July 3rd Western Regional practice

estarkey at camalott.com estarkey at camalott.com
Tue Jun 28 22:26:59 PDT 2005

  Y'all are cordially invited out to George's for the 4th of July weekend
- come early and stay late.  or daytrip.  or whatever. (Yeah, Friday
thru Monday).  Take Stink Creek Road exit off of I-20 (it is between
exits 251 and 261 - sorry, can't remember the number).  Go north (about
a mile i think) until the road "T"s at the UP railroad.  Go east on CR
109 about 2 city blocks.  George's house will be across the tracks. 
Pink house, flag pole.
 Inside crash space at george's and ryah's (which is about 3 miles west of
George's) for about 10 at ryah's and 5 or 6 at george's.  maybe more, if
we are friendly.  plenty of space to pitch a tent.
 place to shoot off fireworks.  stock tank to cool off in, kiddie rides on
the horses, that sort of out in the country sort of things.  bbq.  bring
stuff to share to eat.
 dvd's.  playstation.  drumming.

throw pointy things at targets.  shoot pointy things at targets.  hit
people with sticks if you want.

if y'all would let me know you are coming, would be nice.


>  Greetings,
> I'm not sure what to do with the practice.  I don't want to conflict with
> parties and family plans.  If there are enough people who want/can get
> together Sunday at noon in Lamesa, I'm for it, but we need a head count.
> As I have thought more about it, I believe we need to keep it centrally
> located (gas, time, money,...), but I'm game for whatever works.
> What does everyone think?
> Tiffany
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