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Bethany Burke damsle_n_distress2003 at yahoo.com
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Greetings unto the Western Region,
It is good to be back.  For those of you who were not at Gothic War on Sunday Evening, you probably were under the impression, like all were, that I was a traitor to my Baron, My Kingdom, and my sisters in the Amazon household.  Here is my side of the story:
At Amlac's event, Lady of the Lake, I was talking with some people when a man in a black cloak came up to me and asked if he could have a private word.  I was very leery of going considering all I knew of the black hoard army, but he said it was in regard to Sundered Shield, an event I was autocrat of two weeks prior.  So I walked off with him when three other black cloaked figures grabbed me and took me away.  I spent all that time being held hostage as they were trying to tell me how I should just support them because obviously Baron Kianin didn't care, there were no rescue missions, and I was told there was a ransom asked.  I will though say this for the men who held me, not one dishonorable hand was placed upon me.  I was well fed and well cared for, other than being forced to stay and listen to lies about my Baron.
Gothic War Weekend approached and I was very upset because I knew I had a commitment to the fighters on both sides, I tried to explain this to those who held me, but they just told me that had been taken care of.  On Saturday night, a fight broke out and Lord Tristan and Galen(sp?) came to my rescue and told me of all the vile deeds of my impostor.  That explained it, no one came looking for me because no one knew I was missing.  I must apologize for having my seal so readily available in my home that others could write vile words under it.  I also must apologize for my own child, though my impostor took very good care of my him during my absence, she filled his head with lies and it is going to take me a long time to straighten him out.
Thank you Tristan and Galen for coming to rescue this damsel in distress, for allowing me to be in service to my Baron for at least one day of Gothic.  There are though no more worries of this impostor because Tristan put a bullet through her and she is somewhere in a shallow grave.  But from what I hear on Saturday she had very little time to create much havoc because she was too busy waterbearing the fighters.  If she wasn't so evil, I could miss her.
Lady Elizabeth Blackthorne
(yes it really is me this time)

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