[Bonwicke] Fw: War of the Staked Plains Sep 30 - Oct 2

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I was sent this and thought that some of you may find it of interest.

"Did you think that God would exempt Weybridge? After all he is not an 
insurance agent"
  HG Wells, War of the Worlds

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Subject: War of the Staked Plains Sep 30 - Oct 2

> Unto Baron Chiang Ti Lung and the Barony of
> Bonwicke do we send warmest greetings.
> Not able to attend Crown Tourney this year?
> May we offer an alternative?
> Greetings! It's that time of year once again. . .
> . . time once again to travel to Blackwater Keep
> and fight until you drop!  Come join us the
> weekend of Sept.30-Oct. 2 for War of the Staked
> Plains XI!
> Location: Castille Llano Estacado County Road 17,
> Clovis NM 88101 Fees: Site- Adult $10, Children
> 6-12 $5,Under 6 FREE Feast- Adult $5, Children
> 6-12 $2, Under 6 FREE Family Cap $40 Non Member
> Surcharge is $3 Site opens at 5 PM on Friday and
> Closes at 2 PM on Sunday Come out and participate
> in our War Scenarios in a REAL WOODEN CASTLE! We
> will have multiple battles including (but not
> limited to) a Bridge Battle, Castle Siege and a
> Defile battle (see it to believe it). Combat
> Archers definitely welcome. We have a tower and
> catwalk (bring your 9-footers to shoot from the
> catwalk) and are in work on a second tower
> hopefully to be completed in time for the event.
> In addition there will be the HEAVY and RAPIER
> Overlord Tourneys with our usual fabulous prizes
> as well as all the fighting you can handle. There
> will also be multiple Archery Shoots throughout
> the weekend plus an A&S Competition. If we have
> enough willing participants we will have the
> Bardic Competition around the Campfire on
> Saturday night. As a reminder, the site now has a
> small playground for the kids. We have something
> for everyone! Castille Llano Estacado is a scale
> representation of a 7th to 10th Century Motte &
> Bailey Castle. In addition to the Tower & Catwalk
> we have a full circle enclosure to fight, feast &
> revel in. There is also extensive camping space
> and it is a private site. There is a La Quinta
> Hotel 5 minutes from the site as well as a
> Wal-Mart and every other convenience within 5
> minutes of the site. Please make feast
> reservations in advance (prepayment not required)
> as the attendance of this event has fluctuated
> wildly in the last few years and we want to make
> certain everyone is fed. Autocrat: THL Simon
> Montgumery (Jim Stackable), 7134A Tennessee Ct.
> Clovis, NM 88101, (505)784-8172, please no calls
> later than 9PM. Email at jstackable at yahoo.com.
> Co-feastocrats: Mistress Margaret Hepburn (Julie
> stackable) malvoisine at yahoo.com & Lady Gyda
> Magnusdotter (Dolores Gumm) gyda at v8monza.com
> A&S Competition will be run by Mistress Margaret,
> using the Kingdom A&S judging forms.
> Documentation not required, but will immensely
> help your score!
> Please see the Shire's website for further info,
> directions & to make feast reservations at
> http://www.geocities.com/blackwaterkeep/specialevents/war.htm

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