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Greetings All,
Kindom A&S is a mere 5 months away, which may seem like an eternity now, but truly will be here sooner than expected.  Artisans, whether you document thouroghly and make everything by hand or if you just say, "wow this looks period", there will be something for you at this event.  Not only is this where we get our "Kingdom Artisan", and not only is this where Gulf War competetors are chosen, this year there is another contest: What Did You Do To Make Your Mundane Item Look Period.  This is your venue if you have made the perfect Ice Chest Cover, sewn dags onto your sun shade or easy up, modified your coffee cup, found a creative way to hide your sunblock or bug spray, made the cover for your camping chair, or anything else to make this dream come alive for everyone.  We all have these mundane things at events, many are Very Necesary, so come and show us all how to make them fit in.  All that is required for documentation is a simple How To sheet so that all can do this for
 themselves.  This competiton hopefully will inspire everyone to do more to make our event atmosphere better.
Kingdom A&S will be held on Saturday, February 18th, at St. Paul's Lutheren Church in Big Spring TX.  Site fee is $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children ages 10-17.  Children under 10 are free.  The site will allow alcoholic beverages for the purpose of tasting only. There will be more information coming as the event draws nearer.  
In Service To Ansteorra and The Dream,
Lady Elizabeth Blackthorne
Co-Event Steward for Kingdom A&S

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