[Bonwicke] Gothic Wars Tacky Garb Contest

Gavin barongavin at cox.net
Mon Aug 14 19:41:34 PDT 2006

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - Baron Gavin's Tacky Garb Contest.

Everyone has had a great deal of fun with this in the past and I encourage
everyone who comes to Gothic Wars to participate in or at least attend this
unusually dressed endeavor.  Prizes will be awarded in four categories:

1) Best all-done-on-site-at-the-War
This does not mean that you come up with a cool idea, bring all the stuff,
and then put it together at the war.   This means you come up with the idea
and find the stuff at the war.  For example: a pair of late period German
pants worn backwards with a turban made out of thongs that you borrowed
from all the girls in your encampment, worn with Nike sneakers, and your
bull riding belt buckle.

2) Best under-15
Participants in this category must be under the age of 15.

3) Most creative interpretation of "Tacky Garb"
For example: making a tunic out of duck tape - sticky side out. (Man would
that be tacky.)

4) "It's so bad even Gavin wouldn't wear that"
For example: late period puff and slash in gold and purple lame. (Thank you

The rules for this competition are --- all costumes must have a PG rating.

Contest will be held 30 minutes after Sunday evening court at the metal
pavilion.  Remember - what makes this fun is that you are only limited by
your own imagination.   Have fun, be creative, and come be silly at Gothic.

See you at the War
Baron Gavin
Ultimate Judge of all things Tacky.

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