[Bonwicke] Saturday Night Festivities at Gothic Wars

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Yeah, I want to see you in a grass skirt, after all I wore tights once.
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  What do you want me to do - dress in drag and do the Hula..... Luau!!!!

  Saturday Night at Gothic - starting sometime after dark - Baron Gavin and his Misguided Misfits will be hosting an almost Luau.  Grass skirts are optional but are highly encouraged.

  Greetings fellow Ansteorrans.  Are you tired of the same old party?  Looking for something different at Gothic this year?  Then come join us across from the Amphitheatre, approximately 9:45(ish), for a loosely Hawaiian themed party.    Drinks provided by Baron Gavin and his Misguided Misfits until they run out - including but not limited to a keg of
  Shinerbock. This party is just for fun, if you're looking for something even remotely period, this ain't it.  However, if you're looking for a good time and some free booze (and maybe girls in grass skirts) then by all means, come join in the frivolity.

  Drummers encouraged, Dancers required.

  See y'all Gothic Saturday
  Gavin and the Misfits
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