[Bonwicke] Dire News from western Ansteorra

HE Kainin Tepesa kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 15 09:21:52 PDT 2006

Unto their Excellencies of the Barony of Elfsea,
Armand Dragonetti & Ameline duBois, from the Barony of
Bonwicke and the lands of the West, on this the 18th
day before Kalends of September and the morn of the
Feast of the Assumption of Mary; I, Kainin Tepesa,
Baron of Bonwicke bring you ill tidings.

As is known to you, one of your stalwart kinsmen,
Master Airaklee Wolf, was instrumental in the defeat,
not yet a year ago, of my longtime enemy, Captain
Carados Ruspoli. 

The craven scoundrel Ruspoli, through great treachery,
took hold of Master Airaklee's gentle lady Baroness
Ceinwen ferch Rhuel and used her as a means to enlist
the armies of Master Airaklee to his own dark cause.
This availed him not, for the might of Ansteorra is
great and those that came to my call soon smashed the
dark horde and sent them running like the curs they
are. Master Airaklee seized the chance of this rout to
personally capture the villain Ruspoli so that he
might meet the Crown's justice. Master Airaklee then
set out, with his valiant warriors, in search of his
dear lady.

Now a year later, that search continues and it is of
this cause that I write to you this day. It seems that
my enemy left behind a widow, a lady warrior in her
own right, and she has taken up his black mantle. She
has vowed vengeance upon he that captured her husband
and brought him to be judged.

Long have a suspected that the Widow Ruspoli holds
Baroness Ceinwen captive, and I have sent my guardsmen
throughout the lands of western Ansteorra seeking the
dark lady and her captive. At long last, diligence has
prevailed, and a report has come to me in the early
hours of this morning that holds both dire news and
great hope.

The Captain of my Guard, Lord Tristan, did see with
his own eyes a force, robed in black, with a woman at
their head. He followed them at a distance and marked
well their number and strength. In his scouting, he
also made note of a wheelhouse with barred widows and
under heavy guard. When the army did stop for the
night, the wheelhouse was opened and he did witness
those within. They were ladies of the court all, bound
and chained, and among their number was one that bears
the visage of Baroness Ceinwen.

I pray that you send your fastest messengers that they
may find Master Airaklee and bring him this news. My
guardsmen continue to follow the black army, as I
marshal my forces and rally those of the west, and
they can be found on the road to the Shire of
Mendersham, between their lands and those of the Shire
of Crossrode Keep. Beseech Master Airaklee to make
haste, that we may meet this dark army and ensure the
safety of his lady wife.

In service to Christ and Crown
Kainin Tepesa
Baron of Bonwicke

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