[Bonwicke] Lady of the Lake

gulesaxe at clearwire.net gulesaxe at clearwire.net
Sun Aug 20 17:44:19 PDT 2006

I (Lord Yves de Byron) wish to thank Am Loch for holding a very wonderful 
event. The rain came down Saturday, and made puddles in my tent. I have 
already began to make plans to attend next years Lady of the Lake. I wish to 
thank Barbara for a wonderful feast, enjoyed it very much. Thanks goes to 
Lady Kristyan for marshaling Thrown Weapons. I must have set the mark a 
little high at 41 points, but with Bonwicke now having a target and 2 axes 
should be harder for me to hold the top mark. You who didn't come up, missed 
a very good Stickjocks sung by HL Ryah, and the Do Wop boys.
  For the Broken Toe Tavern - the sealer for the horns is EnviroTex. I buy it 
in the 32oz box. The last I bought was $21.99 in Hobby Lobby. I have sealed  
6 horns with it have enough to do 1 more sealing for a 12 inch horn.
        YIS       Byron - Have Beer - Will Travel

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